Prehistoric Shark Tooth Necklaces & Gifts

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Prehistoric Shark Tooth Necklaces & Gifts
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Our Story

V&L Crafts has been collecting, producing and selling fossil shark tooth jewelry and gifts for over 20 years. We started as a home-based business, collecting shark teeth from the beaches of the Florida Suncoast to make into necklaces and earrings, which were then sold to local shops and restaurants. As demand grew, we discovered that diving for teeth was more productive than simply walking the beach. In Venice, storms often disrupt the sea floor, releasing fossilized shark teeth from their resting places in the seabed. For several years, this was how we gathered our raw material. When demand again outpaced our own collecting we increased yield by developing an industry in Morocco, where fossil shark teeth are by-products of the local phosphate industry.

Today, we are an international business with over 4,000 square-feet of warehouse/office space in Nokomis, FL. In addition to shark tooth jewelry, we sell a variety of fossilized shark tooth gifts, from educational sets and keychains to loose individual or bagged shark tooth fossils.